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21 August
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the fangirl.
♥ a total drama-addict and fangirl. super junior rules my kpop fandom. i also fangirl arashi and johnny's entertainment. ♠ i love travelling and nyc is my fav city. » highly indecisive and fickle-minded, can be really loud, and procastinates and daydreams too much. ♥ colourful post-its make me happy. and so does bubble tea, chocolates, icecream, doughnuts, sushi... FOOD :D you can also find me on last.fm, tumblr, twitter, and facebook :) ♠ SEMI FRIENDS-LOCKED. COMMENT HERE TO BE ADDED.

the fandom.
♠ Kpop. Super Junior. Shinhwa. Big Bang. CN Blue. SS501. SNSD. SHINee. DBSK. SNSD. ♥ Arashi. KAT-TUN. NEWS. Takuya Kimura. Miura Haruma. Mizobata Junpei. Random crazes from dramas. » Hu Ge. Lam Fung. Mike He. Ethan Ruan. Joe Cheng. More random crazes from dramas. xoxo, chuck/blair shipper ♥ good music Fish Leong. A-mei. Mayday. SHE. Jay Chou. & I LOVE DRAMAS

the music.

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