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uh oh.

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hello! I think I have too much fate in meeting NY fangirls. I'm from singapore too! I found your lj thru the K8 forum masterkey. was randomly looking around and KAPONK! I saw ur intro! =D I would love to get to know you. haha I may even know/friended some of your fangirl friends in NY=p

I'm claire by the way, taking a levels at the end of the year. je fan=p I love KT<3 add me on msn so we can chat! I added u to me flist already so u can see my fangirl-locked entries.
Hi there! LOL i took a look at ur userinfo and found some familiar names!

Cool. U're taking ur a levels this yr? which JC are u in? *seems like everyone is fangirling over JE during exam period LOL* see you online sometime!

~added back~
Hi!! =]

Singapore! that's cool ^^ do you speak chinese too?!?
"Woai ni" it means " i love you " right?

yes, i know speak japanese, i lived in japan for 8 years!

and i live in Brazil now!!! =]
i'm very sorry, but i don't know your name...
what's your name? very sorry... T___T

See You!!
Yep! I speak chinese (actually I speak chinese most of the time^^) Yep! 我爱你("wo ai ni") is "i love you!"

That's so cool~ I wish I can go to Japan T_____T

Oh, and forgot to introduce myself, ne? I'm huangrong, (or just call me rong) 16 this yr. Nice to meet ya, dani!!
Hello there..I am from BNS..Add me back please..
Ok! Added back~ ^^
Hi Rong!

nice to meet you too!! =]

i have 16 yrs too, but in december i make 17 yrs!

Thanks!! in chinese is " she she ni " ???
" Wo ai ni " wrote in chinese is very cool, i liked, mandarin is very similar japanese~

Cool! I just turned 16 a few mths ago, so I have to wait quite long before turning 17 ^^

Hm. It's more like 谢谢你("xie xie ni") ^^
LOL chinese is quite similar to japanese, and knowing chinese helps when you're learning japanese because the kanjis will be easier ^^
hey!hello,im edds from singapore :)
ive finally found a KAT-TUN fan from singapore! :D anyway,i was just browsing around,and *TADA* im here! hope we can share some kat-tun love together :)
it's the only one among my friends who's into kat-tun and JE boys :\ kinda "alone"
haha,nice to meet u!♥and im adding you!
LOL hi there!
Yea, we need more KAT-TUN/JE love in Singapore definitely! We can help spread the KT love *laughs* Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find more JE fans around ^^

*goes off to add you* ^^
harh! another Singaporean. I find an overwhelming joy when I find a Singaporean JE fan. XDXD

i'm malay. right. i'm supposed to be studying bio and chem and (zomg) lit.. but ahhhh~ JE is so much more captivating..
i'm going to fail T^T;

friend me kayy?!! i'm from BNS too...
Oh wow~ Hi there! More Singpaore JE fans = ♥ =DD

Yep! I'm Sec 4 this yr, but only taking one O lvl paper cos I'm in IP *laughs*

Don't worry! I'm sure you'll do alright ^^ *goes off to add you*


10 years ago


10 years ago


to learn kanjis are more easy~!!
Xie xie ni... that's so cool!!~

maybe in 2007, I will be making Mandarin lesson~!!
because Mandarin will be world-wide language ^^

when i to learn to say Mandarin, we can talk in Chinese!! ^^

Sure! We can chat in Chinese then! ^^ I'll be glad to help you with a few phrases here and there =DD


10 years ago


10 years ago

hey there! can i add you?
thanks ...
Hi there! No problem! I'm rong from Singapore =))

*added back*

Deleted comment

Oh, hi there!
Yep, I'm a great fan of Jin and he's just so much ♥ And yays to another Jin fan from singapore!! ^^

*goes off to add you*
thanks thanks for adding meeee =))
i add u back <33 ^^

ur name is huangrong? xD kawaii huang-chan ^^
panda chan desu ^^

nice to meet ya ^^
arigatou, panda chan! ^^

Yep, my name is huangrong, but you can just call me rong. I always find it weird when people call me by "huang" LOL

nice to meet ya too!
Hi !
I read your LJ and I your entries are about KAT-TUN ! Thank you so much ! Love your entries. I will add you.
Hello there! I'm glad that you enjoyed my KAT-TUN fangirling entries =DD Just for interest, how did you find me here? =)

Will add you too, but if you dun mind, tell me abit more about yourself? (I see you love JJH in Goong too =DD)
Hi ...

i'm form Thailand...
i love JIN and KAME

nice to see u...
Hihi =) Nice to meet you too! Akame ♥ I love them so much too ^^
This is marmaladegrl21 from J-ENT Global Forums, hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend ^_^
No problem! Nice to meet you! I'll add you back~ ^^
Hi! I'm P (currently...cuz I change my name all the time) at J-ENT Global. Also xxINSPIREDxx at BNS. Nice to meet you! Wanna be friends? :D
LOL no problem! I remember you =)) Nice to meet you too =)) I'll add you ^^
Add me up? ^^

Lol~ Just in case you're about to pass me off as some random person, this os greeneyes from BnS. ^^V

Oh hi! *waves*

Sure! I'll add you right away ^^


10 years ago


10 years ago

Hi! I'm iheart soma in J-Ent Global, I'll be adding you now if you don't mind :)
Hi! No problem! I'll add you back too!
hey dear, just added you! friend me back?
it's always nice to get to know more singaporean fangirls ;)
LOL no problem! I'll add you back! ^^

And *yays* to JE singapore fangirls!! ♥
hi rong!

im jan from the keichan ramen house forum! (username: janw) i saw the link to your lj from one of your posts :) do you mind if i add you as a friend?
Hihi! I remember you *waves* =DD Sure, no problem! I'll add you too =)) Always nice to have more Kei/JE fans around ^^
rong >D it's airi from NP. add me please? ♥
Hi airi! ♥ Sure! I'll add you right away ^^
heloo nicole(nic) from malaysia..rber me?
we left each other msgs in here: BNS

nice to meet u here in LJ..woah u have uploaded so many vids..i mus have missed alot of fun here..yaaa im glad we can exchange LJ..

*fly out* to add u to my f-list..maa hope to talk again wit u v soon..

anywaysss THANK u for all those uploads..i bet it wil take me time to dl it all...cant wait ^___^ jaa yoroshiku
awww.. definitely! I remember you! *waves*

I'm glad that my uploads were able to help =)) Enjoy, ne? And I'm sure we'll have more change to chat with each other ^^

I'll add you too ^^
Hi!! I'm Newbie Baka from BSN :D I add you to my friends and hope I can be added back xD Jya~~
Hi there! Always nice to meet friends from BNS =)) *goes off to add you*
-glances at your layout and doesn't say anything about how pretty it is-
Hmm, I think you may recognise me. I'm from the J-Ent Global forums? I saw you round and I figure you seem pretty nice, so uh...
-points- There's my reason? xD
Added you =]
Thanks! I'm glad you like my layout ^^

Yep! I remember you from J-Ent Global and from around LJ comms too ♥ I'll add you~~
hi huangrong! :D i'm shing(nishingkido) from j-ent global and i'm a fellow singaporean. haha. nice to meet you. hope you don't mind me adding you! i heart news & kattun too!

I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT!!!! :D :D :D IT LOOKS SOOOO PRETTY. i hope in future, you can help me w mine too. haha.

hihi! *waves* I remember you =)) Sure, of course I wouldn't mind =DD It's always great to meet more JE fans from Singapore ^^ ♥ I'll add you too~~

THANKS! No problem! I'll do my best ^^
Hello~! XD I'm Angel(twistedwings) from NP. Add me?

ANYWAY. Are you from Nanyang? :O
Hihi! *waves* Added you =))

Yep I am =)) YOU ARE TOO??


10 years ago


10 years ago


HEY this is Yui or Kusanozaqt From NP~ XDD MInd me adding you as my friend? =D
LOL hi Yui! ^___^ No problem! I'll add you too~
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