rong (lameology) wrote,

#816 Rich Man, Poor Woman

This drama is amazingggg omg ♥ I haven't liked another Oguri Shun character as much as this since Hana Yori Dango's Hanazawa Rui. But it's impossible to dislike Hyuga Toru + the chemistry between Shun and Ishihara Satomi is subarashiiiii. I actually really like the whole plot about how a young IT genius created his own huge business empire, kinda the japanese version of Mark Zuckerberg's story LOL. AND THE SOUNDTRACK IS AMAZINGGG TOO.

Waiting for SP on April 1!!! :DDDDD

Okay I need to get back to work. Listening to late night radio and rushing FYP reading log. It's gonna be a looooooong night~
Tags: drama rant
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