rong (lameology) wrote,

#803 Fav episode of Himitsu no Arashi chan

HnA 2011.08.25

The ending was EPIC. Seriously best episode along with all the Mannequin Five SPs. Wish they did more of these before HnA ends in March :(
Tags: je: arashi
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This was one of the first episodes I've ever watched of Arashi. And then I fell into the fandom. How can one not be convinced after an episode like this? XD
IKR!!! I loved everything from the touching moments to the epic LOL prank :DDD
I think 5x10 really made me shed a few tears. :/ Awesome song.

Haha that prank! Yeah it reminds us there's still fun in the end. :)
oh yes it's my fav arashi song now :')

hahaha pranks and aiba go together really well :D
I have quite a few favourite songs, but that one is definitely special. :)

Ahhhh more Sakuraiba pls. xD