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#793 time for drama and fandom rant

SOP 女王 / 胜女的代价


Haven't watched any good tw/cdramas after 我可能不会爱你 but I REALLY LIKED THIS :D Zhang Han and Qiao En have a great chemistry!! Can't believe he was the one that acted in the mainland version of Meteor Garden/Hana Yori Dango XDD

To the Beautiful You

HAHAHA. I ship Eun Gyul and Jae Hee all the way. Still didn't change my impression of Minho after the drama, his acting was quite awkward. But Lee Hyun Woo saved the whole show seriously.

Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato De

The cases are okay, but I love Sakurai Sho's character. Okay maybe not the center parting LOL. A lighthearted drama that I enjoyed, but definitely not for those looking for intense detective/crime plots. Ohoh and a movie is scheduled for Aug 2013!!! :DD Hope it comes to singapore!!

VS Arashi

HAHAHA THIS IS SO GOOD. After watching k variety for so long I've forgotten how awesome j variety shows can be. Those were the days of Shounen Club and Hadaka no Shounen and Yax3. AND I FINALLY UNDERSTAND THE AWESOMENESS THAT ARASHI IS.
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Come over to the Arashi side... *beckons*

They didn't even choose very good eps for VS Arashi. There's tons more interesting shows that they host! You should watch the ep where the Nazotoki cast were guests. That was epicly hilarious!

I think the movie should show in SG. IT WAS FILMED HERE AFTER ALL!

I also saw Sho when he was here like for a day before they went onto the ship. *HAPPY DANCE*
OMG IT WAS FILMED HERE?!? Seriously?!?? And you saw him?!!?? CRIES. When did they come????

Haha yah I saw the nazodi cast on vs arashi!! It was epic, candle Sho LOL I liked the ep where Takeuchi Yuko went on and nino totally turned into a fanboy too!!</p>

I've definitely gone over to the arashi side, no doubt abt that LOL

I can't remember the exact date. *checks my entries* Ah, here it is. 28 June! I couldn't believe my luck that day! He was like less than 1m away at our closest. :O

But they were on the ship most of the time though. Only about 2 days were spent filming on SG itself. Sigh.

I was suspecting that the reason why they're showing NazoDi every Sat now is so that hopefully there will be people who will watch the movie when it comes out next year? The drama showed last year in Japan, so it's been a long time. I also got the series on DVD (with disappointing subs) earlier this year.

Haha Candle Sho! It was awesome. The broadcasts on Channel U weren't so awesome though. XD

Yay one more to the dark side...